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Psychiatric Support Services

Programs that offer early intervention, preventive, diagnostic or treatment services, medication, case management, transitional care or other services that supplement and facilitate primary and adjunctive therapies; which offer community mental health education programs; or which link people who are in need of treatment with appropriate private providers.

Community Mental Health Education
Programs that promote a community environment that is supportive of positive mental health on the part of residents by providing information through a variety of channels pertaining to the detection, nature and treatment of mental and emotional problems with the objective of promoting awareness of problems and available services, marshaling support for people who have a psychiatric disability and removing the stigma that is often associated with mental illness.

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Mental Health Evaluation
Programs that provide screening, diagnostic and treatment planning services for people who are experiencing acute or chronic psychiatric problems. Included is a continuum of assessment services ranging from a comprehensive psychiatric or psychological evaluation to the administration of one or a combination of psychological tests to examine a particular personality variable. Services may be provided in a variety of settings including hospitals and community-based clinics.

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Psychiatric Case Management
Programs that develop case plans for the evaluation, treatment and/or care of individuals who have mental, emotional or social problems and need assistance in arranging for services; which assess the individual's needs; coordinate the delivery of needed services; ensure that services are obtained in accordance with the case plan; and follow up and monitor progress to ensure that services are having a beneficial impact on the problem.

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Psychiatric Central Intake/Assessment
Programs that coordinate long-term, short-term and respite psychiatric hospitalization services in a designated geographical area by evaluating people who are experiencing psychiatric emergencies and placing them in facilities where space is available.

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Psychiatric Medication Services
Programs that prescribe antidepressants, antianxiety drugs, antimaniacs, sedatives and antipsychotic/neuroleptic medications to control symptoms such as delusions, extreme agitation, panic attacks, manic or depressive episodes, hallucinations or paranoia that are associated with specific forms of mental illness. Services may include a psychiatric evaluation to determine the need for medication; prescription of an appropriate drug; and periodic follow-up to monitor the effectiveness of the medication in modifying the individual's behavior, ensure that undesirable side effects are minimized and verify that medication is, in fact, being taken as prescribed.

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Therapist Referrals
Programs that link people who are in need of counseling services with private therapists who are qualified in the desired area of specialization.

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Transitional Mental Health Services
Programs that provide services that facilitate the return to the community of people who have been hospitalized for treatment of acute or chronic mental or emotional disturbances.

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