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Individual and Family Life

Programs that promote the personal, social and spiritual development of people in the community by providing services that replace or supplement the care and support that is generally available through the family unit, and by offering social, religious and leisure-time activities that are personally satisfying and lead to optimal social functioning.

Death Certification/Burial Arrangements
Programs that help people arrange for funeral services and the shipping, interment, entombment, scattering or release of the remains of a family member who has died; or which investigate and establish the cause of death in prescribed situations.

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Family Surrogate/Alternative Living Services
Programs that provide an alternative living arrangement for people who have no birth family; for individuals whose physical, developmental, sensory, social and/or emotional disabilities or conditions make it difficult or impossible for them to remain with their families; for children whose birth family environment is abusive; for older adults who want a simpler lifestyle with fewer responsibilities; or for individuals who, because of their age or disability, are unable to live independently without care, supervision and/or support to help them in the activities of daily living.

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Individual and Family Support Services
Programs that provide services that augment and expand the protection, supervision, care and support that are provided through the primary family unit, or which enhance the recipient's mobility or ability to communicate and live more comfortably.

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Leisure Activities
Programs that provide access to a variety of pursuits for people who want to make constructive and satisfying use of their free time. Included are programs that provide facilities, equipment, supplies, coaching and/or instruction that allow individuals to participate in or enjoy the recreational, artistic, cultural or volunteer activities of their choice.

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Social Development and Enrichment
Programs that provide opportunities for individuals of all ages to participate in a variety of group activities that are personally satisfying and/or designed to transmit social values and customs, to facilitate learning of social skills and self-expression in a group setting, and to otherwise promote the social growth and development of participants.

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Spiritual Enrichment
Programs that provide opportunities for people to satisfy their inner needs and enhance their spiritual growth through the practice of organized religion or through independent spiritual pursuits.

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Volunteer Opportunities
Community organizations that are actively seeking individuals with the requisite knowledge, skills and experience who are willing to offer their services and work on a full or part-time basis without remuneration on projects or in positions that benefit the organization itself or the people it serves. Many agencies that provide volunteer opportunities also offer intensive training in the tasks that are required for the job.

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