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Basic Needs

Programs that furnish survival level resources including food, housing, material goods, transportation and temporary financial assistance for low and fixed-income, indigent or elderly people or people with disabilities who are otherwise unable to adequately provide for themselves and their families. Also included are related services that are available to the community at large.

Programs that seek to meet the basic nutritional needs of the community by providing access to free or low cost food products.

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Programs that seek to meet the basic shelter needs of the community by providing temporary shelter for people who are in emergency situations, home improvement programs, housing location assistance and a variety of housing alternatives.

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Material Goods
Programs that furnish and/or repair basic household, work-related, and personal necessities for people who cannot afford to purchase and/or repair these items at retail prices and who qualify for this service on the basis of income.

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Temporary Financial Aid
Programs that provide assistance for people who are experiencing an unexpected financial crisis and have insufficient resources to meet their basic needs, or which offer special services that support people's ability to make essential payments. Monetary assistance may be in the form of immediate cash, loans, checks or vouchers which can be used to pay delinquent bills for essential services.

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Programs that provide for the basic transportation needs of the community including the local and long-distance conveyance of people and goods, and special arrangements for older adults, people with disabilities and other community residents who have no personal transportation and are unable to utilize public transportation.

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