Community Alert System

Kankakee, (IL) Sheriff Tim Bukowski announced a change to the community alert system managed by the Kankakee County Sheriff's Office commonly referred to as the ""Sheriff Alert"" system. The new system, CodeSpear, was developed by Federal Signal and offers a number of enhancements to the original system. CodeSpear was acquired locally utilizing a JAG (Justice Assistance Grant) grant and does not involve any local tax monies.

Residents may ""sign-up"" to receive emergency notifications (tornado, floods, school closings, child abductions and other evolvoing crimes) without any fee. Instructions needed to enroll or re-subscribe are available on the Kankakee County Sheriff's website at www.kankakeecountysheriff.com or www.sheriffalert.com. Persons needing additional assistance may telephone 815-802-7174 during business hours or at www.kankakeecountysheriff.com/contactus.htm.

Sheriff Bukowski emphasized that current users need to update their account preferences to receive any messages disseminated by the Sheriff's Office that pertain to a specific alert (such as a specific school district or severe weather.) According to Bukowski current subscribers will not receive school closing alerts and other broadcasts unless they update their account preference with CodeSpear.

It is also important to understand that there will be no lapse in service throughout the transition phase. The Sheriff's Office is providing potential sheriff alert recipients several months to subscribe with the new service before terminating the prior database.

Bukowski urged citizens to not only subscribe to this free service but to provide information to police about suspicious activities. The alert system will provide the public with specific information related to criminal activity including crime patterns (copper thefts, resident distraction scams, etc) in addition to other community activities.

The Sheriff's Office continues to reach out to the community in an on-going effort to reduce criminal opportunities, work with and strengthen ties to county residents."


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