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Horizon Counseling Services

  Agency Contact Information:
Address: 750 Almar Parkway
Bourbonnais, IL 60914
Phone: 815.935.5053
Fax: 815.933.5808
  Service Profile:
Service/program name: Counseling Services
Description: Private therapist offering the following counseling services:

Conjoint Counseling, Family Counseling, Individual Counseling, Adolescent/Youth Counseling, Anger Management, Bereavement Counseling, Crime Victim/Witness Counseling,
Cultural Transition Counseling, Disability Counseling, Divorce Counseling, Employment Transition Counseling, Gambling Counseling, Gender Identity Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Parent Counseling, Post-abortion Counseling, Postpartum Counseling, Adult Incest Survivor Counseling, Child Abuse Counseling, Spousal Abuse Counseling, Sexual Offender Counseling, Spiritual/Religious Issues Counseling, Premarital Counseling, Psychiatric Disorder Counseling, Sexual Orientation Counseling, Suicide Counseling.
  General Information:
Description: General practice with specialties in trauma, depression, and anxiety.
Languages spoken: English and Spanish

A Pledge for Life Partnership Initiative
1 Stuart Drive
Kankakee, IL 60901