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Speech Tree

  Agency Contact Information:
Address: 450 N. Kennedy Drive, Suite #2
Kankakee, IL 60914
Phone: 815.932.9992
  Agency Contact Information:
Address: 2423 Glenwood Avenue
Joliet, IL 60431
Phone: 815.725.9992
Fax: 815.725.9993
  Service Profile:
Service/program name: Speech-Language & Feeding Therapy
Description: Highly trained therapists provide evaluation and intervention for individuals of all ages who have a variety of communication disorders secondary to developmental delays, trauma, injury, syndrome, autism spectrum disorders and other learning difficulties.

Incorporates oral motor and sensory techniques to develop oral and sound awareness to faciliate speech and language. Feeding therapists have specialized training and experience with individuals who have feeding and swallowing challenges from difficulties with a physiological stage of swallowing to having aversions to food texture.

Provides home-based or clinic-based services for individuals of all ages in the Chicagoland area.

Service/program name: Developmental Therapy
Description: Provides developmental therapy for children receiving services through the Illinois Early Intervention program. Developmental therapists have an educational background but many of our DTs have a strong understanding and hands-on experience with medically fragile children. Our therapists specialize in providing services for children with developmental delays, communication delays, behavior and motor and sensory integration deficits. Family education is an important part of the developmental therapist's role to facilitate all areas of a child's development and to help families understand ages & stages of development. Collaboration with other professionals such as speech-language pathologists, physical and occupational therapists is an integral part of developmental therapy.

Provides home-based or clinic-based services. We also have developmental play groups to foster communication, peer play and socialization skills. Groups are led by a developmental therapist and speech-language pathologist.

Service/program name: Occupational Therapy
Description: Provides occupational therapy for children both in the early intervention program and school-age. Through home or clinic-based intervention, an OT assists a child in developing fine motor
skills, activities of daily living (eating, dressing) and with integration of one's senses to organize information and learn.
  General Information:
Description: Agency that provides Speech, Developmental, and Occupational Therapies. Formerly PARA'S Peach Tree.

A Pledge for Life Partnership Initiative
1 Stuart Drive
Kankakee, IL 60901