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Illinois Comptroller- Susana A. Mendoza

  Agency Contact Information:
Address: Springfield Executive Office
201 Capitol
Springfield, IL 62706-0001
Phone: 217.782.6000
Fax: 217.782.7561
  Agency Contact Information:
Address: Chicago Local Government, Cemetery Care and Burial Trust
James R. Thompson Center - 100 West Randolph Street, Suite 15-500
Chicago, IL 60601
Phone: 312.814.2451
Fax: 312.814.3117
Contact Person:

Susana Mendoza - Comptroller
Phone: 217.782.6000

  Service Profile:
Service/program name: Cemetery Care & Burial Trust
Description: Although the Comptroller's Office is most often associated with the state's fiscal matters, one less known function is the licensure and regulation of cemeteries and those businesses (usually cemeteries and funeral homes) selling pre-need merchandise and services throughout the state.

The Comptroller's Office has also initiated a toll-free consumer hotline and thanks to community-minded groups, have established "projectCARE," an aggressive cemetery restoration program targeting abandoned and neglected cemeteries throughout the state.
Phone: Hotline: 877.203.3401

Service/program name: Comptroller
Description: In 1970, Illinois' latest constitution established the Comptroller as an elected officer in the Executive Branch of state government. Illinois citizens select the state's Comptroller in statewide elections. By law, the Comptroller is the state's Chief Fiscal Control Officer, responsible for the legal, efficient, and effective operations of state government.

Phone: 217.782.6000

Service/program name: Public Accountability Project
Description: Have you ever wondered how well state government is working? Comptroller Hynes has launched the Public Accountability Project so the citizens of Illinois not only have the answers they want, but the services they deserve.

The Public Accountability Project is about giving the citizens of Illinois the necessary information to enhance accountability through state government. This project is not only about making government more efficient and effective - it's about earning the public's confidence in and respect for government.
Phone: 217.782.6000

Service/program name: Local Government Division
Description: The Local Government division fulfills two broad areas of responsibility on behalf of the Comptroller:

To serve as the State's watchdog on the financial status of local governments;

To provide assistance to local governments in fulfilling their fiscal responsibilities.

Several additional responsibilities of the Local Government Division are to collect and analyze Annual Financial Reports (AFRs) from units of local government, produce the Fiscal Responsibility Card, and maintain a central registry for all units of local government in Illinois.
Phone: 877.304.3899
  General Information:
Description: The Comptroller is the state's chief fiscal officer and manages state financial accounts. Advises and collects annual financial reports from local governments and monitors for-profit cemeteries, funeral homes, and crematories.

A Pledge for Life Partnership Initiative
1 Stuart Drive
Kankakee, IL 60901