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Kankakee - City of

  Agency Contact Information:
Address: 304 S. Indiana Avenue
Kankakee, IL 60901
Phone: 815.933.0480
Fax: 815.933.0482
Contact Person:

Chasity Wells-Armstrong - Mayor

  Service Profile:
Service/program name: City Officials
Description: ################

Service/program name: Code Enforcement
Description: For more information, call 815-936-7390
Phone: 815.936.7390

Service/program name: Department of Public Works
Description: Kankakee street lighting and traffic signals
Maintaining City Street Lighting is one of several functions of the Department of Public Works. Street Lighting is provided to improve roadway safety. Lighting that works properly without interference is important to keeping our city streets safe, clean, and easy to use. If you notice a lighting problem such as damaged light poles, exposed wiring, burned out bulbs, or other street lighting problems, please call Technical Services at 933-0487 during working hours or in case of an emergency after hours, call police dispatch at 933-0417.
Lights mounted on wooden poles are the property of Commonwealth Edison. To report a problem, please call Commonwealth Edison at 1-800-EDISON1 (800-334-7661).

Street Maintenance
Streets are swept on a daily basis to keep the city clean. Weather permitting, sweepers also run in the winter. If possible, cars should be moved into driveways and off-street parking areas so that the areas near the curb can be cleaned. Potholes and other street failures should be reported to the City of Kankakee. A street failure includes anything that impairs the normal flow of traffic, such as loose manhole covers, debris in the street or flooding.

Curb & Sidewalk Program
This program is designed to improve our neighborhoods. If you have questions regarding this program, you may contact Dave Tyson, the City Engineer. He can be reached at 933-0509.

Snow Removal
No one wants to get left out in the cold! City of Kankakee snow removal staff work hard to provide support to Kankakee residents during the snow season. Public Works maintains 467 lane miles of road to keep free of snow and ice in the winter. The plowing of Kankakee's streets is hard and tedious work. There are many complications such as temperature, wind, traffic, and illegally-parked vehicles.

Skilled snow removal personnel coupled with public cooperation will ensure a safe winter traveling season for the citizens of Kankakee. By following the guidelines and ordinances, winter storm inconveniences and traffic hazards will be minimized.

The following snow ordinance will be in effect when snowfall is more than 4 inches or when the Department of Public Works Superintendent or the Kankakee Police Department deems necessary.

Snow ordnance:
On even calendar days, Streets are plowed on even sides of streets. On odd calendar days, Streets are plowed on odd sides of streets. Residents are asked to park accordingly.

For more information on City snow removal operations, call the Public Works Department at 815-933-0472.

Green Bag Recycling Program
Recycling and Yard Waste program for single-family and multi-family buildings with 4-or-fewer units.
To preserve our environment, we will dispose of all recyclables, including yard waste, for free. Green recycling bags are available in packs of 10 per month at no cost.

Place recycling bags out for collection along side your regular garbage. Recycling bags are collected separately on the same day as regular trash pick-up.

Solid Waste Collection
Curbside trash and recycling collection take place once a week. Residential pickup begins at 7 a.m., so it may be convenient for you to set your refuse/recycling out the evening before. Regular garbage (going to the landfills) will be limited to three 30-gallon containers. Yellow bags for extra garbage (non recyclables) are available in packages of 10 for $7.50. (Merchants may charge an additional handling fee.)

Yearly Spring Cleanup
During the first two weeks in May, Kankakee's Public Works department will pick up for free unlimited amounts of debris. Residents are given this opportunity as a time to discard unwanted items from basements, attics, garages and yards. Recycling is still encouraged. All debris must be separated for pick up. The Public Works department requests residents to separate rubbish from brush.

Brush: bi weekly / DPW
Any trimmings from plants and trees from residential housing, will be removed at no cost. Brush should be set out on the alleyway, or terrace, if an alley is unavailable. You may use any clear 1.5 ml bag for your yardwaste, providing the bag does not hold more than 33 gallons. Free ABC Disposal yard waste bags will be available while supplies last. You must show your current sewer bill stub to receive the yardwaste bags. TREE SERVICE and LANDSCAPE CONTRACTOR'S WORK WILL NOT BE PICKED UP. We attempt to canvass the entire City bi-weekly for brush pick up, but may be delayed during busy summer months. Smaller clippings should be in yardwaste bags and set aside.

Phone: 815.933.0472

Service/program name: Finance & Central Services
Description: Finance and Central Services provides other City departments with financial services including accounts payable, budgeting, reporting and payroll. For more information, call 815-933-0490
Phone: 815.933.0490

Service/program name: City Clerk's Office
Description: The City Clerk's office is responsible for keeping the records of the City of Kankakee. In addition, they handle the mechanics of setting the agenda for Council Meetings and issue stickers amusement machines, licenses for cigarettes and tobacco products, coin operated machines, waste haulers and itinerant merchants.

Phone: 815.933.0480

Service/program name: Planning Department
Description: For zoning, census, flood plan and other development information.
Phone: 815.936.7320

Service/program name: Personnel/Human Relations
Phone: 815.933.0504

Service/program name: Green Bag Recycling Program
Description: The City of Kankakee offers free disposal of recyclable materials through the Green Bag Recycling Program.
Phone: 815.936.8219

Service/program name: Curbside Garbage Collection Services
Description: The City of Kankakee will collect up to three 30-gallon containers of garbage per household per week, not including recycling and yard-waste bags.
Phone: 815.933.0471

Service/program name: Community Development Agency
Description: The Kankakee Community Development Agency is implements the objectives of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Services include housing rehabilitation, trust fund for first-time home buyers, lead abatement, economic development, micro economic development and grants-in-aid.
Phone: 815.936.3567

Service/program name: River Valley Metro Mass Transit District
Description: The River Valley Metro Mass Transit District operates three lift-equipped vehicles along north and south routes. It is operated with local, state and federal funding. All fares are $1 each way.
Phone: 815.937.4BUS

Service/program name: Kankakee Municipal Utility
Description: Richard G. Simms, P.E., Superintendent

Mailing Address: 199 S. East Ave. #2, Kankakee, IL 60901, phone: 815/933-0446.

The Kankakee Municipal Utility is a department of the City of Kankakee which has responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the City's storm water and sanitary sewer systems, pumping stations, hydroelectric facility, street lights, and traffic control signals. The Utility also provides industrial monitoring services for the City as well as contractual laboratory testing for compliance and process control at the regional wastewater treatment plant. The Utility is responsible for management of the City's Solid Waste Disposal contract including recycling and yard waste disposal.

For sewer emergencies (i.e. back-ups, odors) call (24 hrs.) - 815/933-0446.

Phone: 815.933.0446

Service/program name: Senior Aides Project
Description: The City of Kankakee sponsors a federal work program for Kankakee County residents age 55 and older who meet income guidelines and have a desire to work. Enrollees are placed in part-time community service assignments throughout Kankakee County. For more information, call 815-937-4950.

Phone: 815.937.4950

Service/program name: Area Job Development Association
Description: Area Job Development Association was created in 1983 to encourage industrial and commercial welfare and growth in Kankakee County. Their goal has been to promote employment opportunities, and bring industries to the County along with assisting existing industries in their expansion through inducements, financing, and other necessary activities.
For more information please call 815-933-2537
Phone: 815.933.2537

Service/program name: Victim Assistance Program
Description: The Kankakee Police Social Service Program offers crisis intervention, advocacy, emergency monetary assistance, social service referral, financial aid services to City residents who are the victims of crime. For more information, call 815-933-0469
Phone: 815.933.0469

Service/program name: Police Department
Description: The Kankakee City Police Department is located at 209 North Indiana Avenue, Kankakee, IL

We, the Kankakee City Police Department are committed to serving all people with respect, fairness and compassion. Acting in partnership with the community, we strive to prevent crime and help preserve peace, order and safety.

With community service as our foundation, we will address problems and seek solutions with honesty and integrity. We shall maintain public respect by holding ourselves to the highest standards of performance and ethics.

The Kankakee City Police Department is dedicated to providing a quality work environment by promoting the positive development of its members through effective training, education and leadership.

We encourage, expect and need community involvement to work toward a mutual goal of enhancing the quality of life within the community.

  General Information:
Description: The City of Kankakee is located approximately 60 miles south of Chicago on Interstate 57. Offers numerous services including Senior Aides Project.
Agency Type: Municipal/city
Territory/Geographical area: Kankakee County only

A Pledge for Life Partnership Initiative
1 Stuart Drive
Kankakee, IL 60901