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Illinois Poison Center

  Agency Contact Information:
Address: 222 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 1900
Chicago, IL 60606
Phone: 312.906.6136
Fax: 312.627.8006
TDD Phone: 312.906.6185
Toll Free Phone: 800.222.1222
  Service Profile:
Service/program name: Household Safety
Description: The IPC provides assistance for persons who have been exposed to a poison, are concerned about the amount of medicine they may have taken, are involved in a chemical exposure at work or home, or need information about whether a substance is a poison. Call as soon as you think, or even suspect, a poisoning has occurred. Do not wait for symptoms to appear.

Phone: 800.222.1222
  General Information:
Description: Provides poison information to health care professionals and all residents of Illinois.

A Pledge for Life Partnership Initiative
1 Stuart Drive
Kankakee, IL 60901