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WGFA Radio, Hits & Favorites 94.1FM

  Agency Contact Information:
Address: 1973 East 1950 North Road
Watseka, IL 60970
Phone: 815.432.4955
Fax: 815.432.4957
Contact Person:

Jenny Lloyd - Station Manager

Contact Person:

Don Ellliott - Operations Manager

Contact Person:

Carl Gerdovich - News Reporter

  Service Profile:
Service/program name: Radio Station
Description: For the last 40 years, WGFA 94.1 FM has broadcast the best in music, news and local event coverage for our listeners in Kankakee, Iroquois and surrounding counties. We believe that providing anything less would be a disservice, and strive to set new standards in our delivery of local news, commentary journalism, weather and sports. For all this and more, check out WGFA on 94.1FM today, and experience Hits & Favorites 24/7.
  General Information:
Description: Broadcasts music, news, and local event coverage in Kankakee, Iroquois, and surrounding counties.
Languages spoken: English

A Pledge for Life Partnership Initiative
1 Stuart Drive
Kankakee, IL 60901