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Illinois Board of Higher Education

  Agency Contact Information:
Address: 431 East Adams, 2nd Floor
Springfield, IL 62701-1404
Phone: 217.782.2551
Fax: 217.782.8548
TDD Phone: 888.261.2881
  Service Profile:
Service/program name: Illinois Board of Higher Education
Description: The General Assembly and Governor Otto Kerner created the Board of Higher Education in 1961 to plan and coordinate Illinois' system of colleges and universities at a time when enrollments in post-secondary education were taking flight. The goal was to create an agency with the expertise, credibility, and statewide perspective to map an efficient and orderly course for the dramatic growth of higher education then underway.

The Board of Higher Education consists of fifteen members - ten appointed by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Illinois Senate; one representative each of public universities, and private colleges and universities, also appointed by the Governor but not needing Senate approval; the chairs of the Illinois Student Assistance Commission and the Illinois Community College Board; and a student member chosen by the Student Advisory Committee.

Board Members:
Steven H. Lesnik (Chairman)
Kemper Lesnik Organization

Lourdes Monteagudo (Vice Chair)
Executive Director
Teachers Academy for Mathematics and Science

Mark E. Barmak
J. Robert Barr
Jerry D. Blakemore
Edward T. Duffy
Robert J. English
Samuel K. Gove
James L. Kaplan
Thomas R. Lamont
R. Eden Martin
Cordelia Meyer
Lucy A. Sloan
Lee H. Walker
Kevin O'Kelly

  General Information:
Description: Maintains information about the state's public and private colleges and universities.

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