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Illinois Lawyer Finder Service

  Agency Contact Information:
Address: PO Box 1330
Springfield, IL 62701-1330
Phone: 217.525.5297
TDD Phone: 217.525.9006
Toll Free Phone: 800.922.8757
  Service Profile:
Service/program name: Lawyer Finder Services
Description: Persons will be referred to a private practicing attorney in their area or close to their area for the type of legal problem they have. There is no fee for the referral. The attorneys are not legal aid, low-income or pro bono. The referral entitles the caller to a 30-minute consultation either on the phone or in the attorney's office for a fee of not more than $15, with no obligation. After the consultation, the attorney will charge their regular fees, which is up to the client to discuss with the attorney as to what the fees may be. Our service does not know what the attorneys charge. We refer clients to attorneys in the following areas of law: American Disabilities Act, Dental malpractice, Adoption,
Disability, Agricultural, Divorce, Aviation, Domestic/Family,Bankruptcy,Domestic violence, Car insurance, DUI, Child custody/Child support, Elder Law, Civil rights, Employment/Discrimination,Collection, Entertainment, Consumer complaint/Warranty, Environmental contracts, Estates, Trusts, Wills, Construction contracts, Father/Mother rights, Copyright, Guardianship, Corporate/Business law, Health Care, Criminal, Health insurance, Immigration/Naturalization, Paternity, Insurance contracts, Personal injury, Wrongful Death, Juvenile, Products Liability, Labor relations, Real Estate, Legal malpractice, Sexual harassment, License reinstatement, Social Security, Medication/Arbitration,Taxation, Medical malpractice Tenant/Landlord, Mental health, Traffic, Military, Veterans Benefits, Mineral Rights, Visitation, Misdemeanor, Workers' compensation, Municipal law, ZoningPatent/Trademark. We try to provide a referral to an attorney for every caller. If we are unable to provide a referral to an attorney through our service, we try to refer them to a service that will help them.
Phone: 217.525.5297
  General Information:
Description: Not-for-profit organization which refers persons to a private practicing attorney near them for the type of legal problem they have.

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